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Just as great music is defined by the cadence that provides structure throughout the piece, so too can be said of great investment strategies. At Cadence Capital, we believe that research-driven, systematic approaches can provide the consistent structure that defines repeatable, long-term investment performance.

Founded in 1988, Cadence Capital Management is an active global equity manager specializing in systematically-driven strategies for the U.S., international and emerging markets, as well as U.S. small- and micro-cap strategies. While we maintain a boutique investment approach, we are a subsidiary of Pacific Global Asset Management (the asset management arm of Pacific Life Insurance), allowing us to deliver a personal, customer-centric investment experience with the support of big-company resources.

Cadence manages investments across multiple strategies for institutional investors, fund sponsors, family offices, RIAs and financial advisors.

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A collection of passions and perspectives that define an investment approach that is uniquely Cadence.

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