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Cadence: Thoughts on Multi-Factor Investing

Outlines the different approaches between composite model portfolios and multi-factor portfolios and details the potential benefits of each while exploring why we believe multi-factor is the better of the two options.

Cadence: Time to Take Stock of Equity-Income Securities

All about Factor-based Investing

Cadence: Not All Factors Are the Same

Details how factor portfolios, even those classified within the same factor category, can vary widely due to underlying construction as well as the portfolio's approach to a particular factor.

U.S. Equity Income Strategy

Factor-based Strategy

MLP & Midstream Strategy

Yahoo Finance: The First Trade

March 11, 2020

Cadence Capital’s CEO, Mike Skillman, appeared on Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade” to give his thoughts on the importance of sticking to your long-term investment strategy and the attractiveness of dividend equity securities.

Pacific Global Asset Management Announces Launch of Pacific Global ETFs

February 12, 2019

Pacific Global Asset Management announced the launch of Pacific Global US Equity Income ETF, a new actively-managed equity fund focused on income and capital appreciation.

Overview: Cadence Emerging Companies

November 15, 2018

Mike Skillman and Bob Fitzpatrick discuss the opportunity in smaller company stocks and their approach to investing in this inefficient space.

MarketWatch: Small - and microcap stocks get another look as the S&P 500 Index Stalls

August 21, 2018

As large-cap U.S. stocks, as represented by the S&P 500 Index, have stalled this summer, some investors have rushed into smaller companies, which are benefiting from a tax cut and a strong domestic economy.

Small Cap Market Tilt: More Tailwind For Hot Stock?

May 10, 2018

Cadence managers see the market environment tilting more their way - more in favor of small-cap stocks.

Pacific Life Re-Brands Asset Management Organization as Pacific Global Asset Management

Morningstar, January 11, 2017

Pacific Life, our corporate parent, announced the re-branding of its asset management business as Pacific Global Asset Management, committed to investment results, transparency, and strategies that meet client needs.

PacLife to Buy Cadence Capital, Add $4 Billion Under Management

Bloomberg News, April 26, 2016

Pacific Life purchases Cadence Capital, adding $4 billion in assets under management along with capabilities in strategic beta and growth equity investment management.